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  • Annual Checkups.

  • Telehealth.

  • Sick Visits.

  • Preventative Care.

  • Chronic Disease Management.

  • Laboratory Services.

  • Same Day Appointments.

We provide a wide range of primary care services for patients. Our doctors and other health professionals work to keep you healthy with preventive medicine, screenings, and education. We treat acute medical problems and manage ongoing conditions. If you need a specialist, we coordinate your care.

At Wellbeing, we want your primary care clinic to feel like your health care home. We welcome patients from all walks of life and backgrounds, and we ensure that every patient receives innovative, conscientious, and high-quality care.

Primary Care


  • Video visits, providing virtual care for hundreds of condition.

  • Our providers see patients online for primary care, follow-up visits, mental health services, medication monitoring and other issues.

You can access Wellbeing healthcare providers through telehealth for many types of appointments. This option saves you the hassle of travel and may be more convenient for certain types of appointments. With the coronavirus outbreak, we are relying on video visits more than ever.

Telehealth is a general term for using technology to provide health care at a geographical distance. The main telehealth tool used by Wellbeing is the video visit, which allows you to talk with your health care provider from home, the office or even your car. All you need is a smartphone or computer loaded with a free video conferencing program.

We offer video visits, providing virtual care for hundreds of conditions. Our providers see patients online for primary care, follow-up visits, and medication.

Of course, we cannot manage everything remotely. Your doctor's office can help determine whether a video visit is right for your current needs.

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